Monday, July 13, 2009


Oh My Testosterone...

by. Jayson D. Zulueta

Oh! my Testosterone
You're one of the greatest hormones
I've ever known
You always keep a reason
for everyone to hold on..

It could be synthesized by men
By the interstitial cells of the testes
It could be synthesized by women
by the adrenal glands and ovaries

Oh! my Testosterone,
You give me a reason to be turned on
It tends to increase at onset of puberty,
And totally stops at the age of eighty..

This hormone aids the physician
for the early diagnosis of the patient
In male, impotency, hypogonadism may be detected.
In female, hirsutism and ovarian cancer may be suspected.

Oh my Testosterone, You're the one
which gives me a reason to go on
You're responsible for the beard and body masculinity of males.
You contribute to the enlargement of genitalia for females.


  1. hi, your poem is nice... it gives us an overview on what testosterone is and it was creatively created.. Good job... Keep it up...

  2. oh my!
    very nice work,
    testosterone really fits you,

  3. This poem makes me sick every time i read it. But anyway it is a job well done. Good job Zulu.

  4. I think your post fits your personality =).
    The poem is very concise yet very informative it is truly a help for all readers and interesting.

  5. oh my!
    huh,nice post Mr.Zu,
    it is informative to the reader.

  6. this poem is really created with wit and passion... nice poem... OMT (oh my testosterone) hehe.. good job

  7. nice job.. the content is exactly what im looking for on your topic.but please, give it a good ending. it's still hanging.

  8. Lol, your classmates have you on this one. It's a "funny" poem. You could add more information.

    See me for some typos and errors.

  9. OMT OMT! (ika nga ni micheal)
    Magnificent poem. i agree with KK that it needs a nice ending.
    OMT OMT!

  10. You have a different take with regards to the presentation of this topic. Cool! The big fonts sure look like you were using your testosterone!


  11. pare,! keep in it.. very nice poem ;)

  12. Your testosterone is amazing. I thought it was going to jump off the page and strangle me. It's a good thing the interstitial cells of my self control managed not to break. lols. Nice combo of usefulness and fun.