Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My Emerging Top Ten Admirable Blogs

People as genius bloggers!!

These following blogs are just a few of the reasons why i am encouraged to exert effort and give importance to writing things that pertain to my interest.

They all deserve to be praised and to feel proud of themselves. You can really feel their passion in writing and they inspire all readers to explore all the things beyond the real and fictional world.

As i read all their works, i feel so fortunate to be part of these things because these really touched my soul and taught me a lot of things that everyone should appreciate.

So, i am happy to invite all bloggers to explore their work and experience the fun of learning things...

These are my nominees for the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs of 2009:

1. Roy The Struggling Blogger

I can really feel his sincerity as i read all his works, He assured that his reader will get something new knowledge and learnings on his work.. And i admired how he barely shows his authentic love to his family. This blog contains everything that a reader should have...

2. Doctor Z of Zorlone

This man is a certified poet. He really knows how to express himself through poetry. He writes all the things that pertain to aa things.. As a reader you will surely appreciate the essence of poems in our life as well as a human being..

3. Jan Geronimo of WritingToExhale

This person has a very broad ideas in creating lietrary works. I wonder where he gets the courage to write all this.. Overall. He has a very creative minds and it will surely inspire all if we just let to understand the thoughts..

4. Angel Cuala of Father Blogger dot com

I admired this person for sharing his vigilant ideas that discuss about family, marriage, parenting and health concerns.. His works are very educational and always prioritize the welfare of the family.

5. Irene of LifeLots

You will learn a lot of values that every one should have.. Through her writings, you will establish something new that will enhances your perspective in life.

6. Luke of A Walk In The Dark

This person is an inborn writer... He loves to write articles and stories that will surely apprecite by the reader.. as a beginner, you will learn things that could develop our talents..

7. Holly Jahangiri of It’s all a matter of Perspective: Mine

This person shares herself through his magnificient works..

8. Bingkee of I Love/Hate America

This blog is somehow funny yet interesting because it deals more on issues about americans. Overall, Very entertaining at the same informative because Its good to know some things that new to us about america.

9. Kelvin Servigon of Kelvinonian Ideas 2.0

I love the way how he express his ideas and emotions through his creative and captivating pictures...

10. Dee of Tales From The Mom Side

This blog contain all things that pertain that to every day life.. It's quiet informative and educational for all.. Learn how to handle things that part of our daily life.

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I'm sure my nominees will win!


  1. Thank you for the nomination! You are so right; writing helps you to explore ideas, interests, daydreams, moods, emotions - and to clarify them, not only for readers, but for yourself. SHARING that in a blog is a way of connecting, realizing that we all have things in common, though we may have different cultural backgrounds or experiences that drive us to deal with life in very different ways. It's also a really great way to hone your writing skills.

  2. Jayson,

    Thank you for the nomination!


    Writer of the testosterone poem,
    I humbly submit these words freely.
    How I enjoyed the different style you made,
    to the huge letters that are just - manly!

    As masculine as the hormone may be,
    its functions are all essential.
    To keep the flag up and the libido angry,
    so that offsprings may be made natural.


  3. Thanks a lot, Jayson, for this wonderful vote of confidence on my blog WritingToExhale.

    What you said is true about learning. Online research and even interactions in it greatly complement the university education we're getting. Thanks for the internet.

    I'm glad your school has adopted blogging to supplement your education. It will help you greatly, opening doors to you and your classmates to the vast world out there you otherwise would not have access to traditionally.

    Nice connecting with you. Once again, thanks for your generosity. God bless. Stay focused in your studies. But have fun every now and then. ",)

  4. Hi Jayson. This is to mark your entry as complete. Please update your list of sponsors in order to be included in the raffle. Thank you.

  5. Good Luck sa lahat ng mga nominee....


  6. Hi Jayson!

    Thank you very much for your support in the influential blogs contest. I appreciate it very much.

    I am glad to finally meet all of you this afternoon.

    Keep on blogging!

  7. @#$% hormones...

    Can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em.

    So, do you know what is the difference between an enzyme and a hormone?

  8. By the way, I enjoyed the comments you left on "Lost in Translation." I'm not sure why they never actually showed up in my moderation panel (maybe my overzealous co-blogger got an itchy trigger finger, or maybe it's set to dump comments on really, really OLD posts... but still, it made me smile).

  9. Jayson, tol, thanx for the vote and the cool write up! Inborn pa ha. Thanks uli. :D

    -Luke of A Walk in The Dark
    A Jedi shall not know fear.