Tuesday, August 18, 2009

QUality Control In Hormonal Assaying


Quality Control In Hormonal Assaying


It is one of the components of Quality Assurance Program (QAP) which is a process that covers the post analytical, analytical and pre-analytical factors in the laboratory.
One of the main significance of quality control is to monitor the analytical process, detects the analytical errors during analysis and prevent the occurrence of incorrect patient values.

It is very important to require all clinical laboratories to have a quality control to ensure all the results they release are accurate which could aid in the proper diagnosis of the disease and appropriate prescription of treatment.

Quality control is done by measuring the stable control material and then comparing the measured values with their expected values. By this we are able to determine if the results obtained are within the normal range or abnormal, and if suspicious results occur, we can verify if what causes the doubtful results whether it is a technical or systematic error.

In line with hormonal assaying, Quality Control must always be done to improve the reliablity of the results as well as estblishing the credibility of the health workers in the Clinical laboratory. It is always important to provide the patient the proper diagnosis in order to gain their trust and intensify the confidence of patients on health workers.

Clinical Laboratory Diagnosis By Bishop et.al


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