Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Do you agree that Drug testing should be a requirement for admission to schools?

As a student aiming for a high standard of morality and quality education, i believe that DRUG TESTING should be required among the students prior admission to schools because it is just one way on how to resolve our problems towards the rampant use of inhibitory and addictive drugs among our fellow students.. This protocol will help to determine the possible active user of this substances and at the same time we could implement ways or guidelines that will help them to stop the usage of drugs.

We are aware about the detrimental effects of this drugs in our system as well as in our society.. This will give a pleasurable moments for the user who want to escape from their problems until such time that they become drug dependent and can no longer get rid in their system. We see how these drugs became a partner in crime of the people who indulge in the criminal activity. It always polluted the mind of active user to do such harmful things.

An ideal student always know the right things and always do the appropriate things which could develop his personality and establish an ideal relationship with his fellow students. Its primary role is to be a model, educator among his co students, he should make others to be inspired and encourage them to study hard and not to teach them to use addictive drugs...


  1. A student who is expected so much not only acts appropriately, he is also a model of the community, hence his classmates. Avoiding drugs for one is an example and falling in line to have oneself tested is another.

    I guess, if it will be mandatory for everyone to be subjected to this procedure, the right thing to do is to follow the status quo.


    PS. You guys take great pictures!